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Headquarters Confidential

Dallas, United States

The 2022 new product launch and exhibition event held by Toyota and Lexus for media personnel at Toyota's North America headquarters. The production is made by the Chicago production company Centerstage.

My position: Lead Audio Technician &

Exhibition Tent Sound Engineer


In the summer vacation of 2022, I joined Centerstgae, a production company located in Chicago, and started my first internship in the United States. At the company, I was assigned to various projects they undertake and mainly work for audio part. And Toyota's conference is the first production I attended.


During the half-month work in Dallas, I mainly served as the sound engineer and lead audio technician in the car exhibition tent. The production team gave me a lot of trust and let me build a system for playing music in the venue and another platform with a stereo set of speakers and subs to do the reinforcement for the DJ at dinner parties.

I led the local workers build the sound system, and did the mixing when the event was in progress, my first job after coming to the company is perfectly done, and I also got a lot of professional experience for doing corporate event.


The construction of the sound system in the tent is not complicated, but it took a lot of time. And I also assisted the technical director in assembling the truss in the early stage, and did a lot of carpenter work. In the process, I learned a lot of useful skills outside my area. 


After successfully setting up the sound system and arranging the power supply and line distribution, I also carefully calibrated the three pairs of speakers on the ceiling and the DJ's stereo sets, and selected the playlist for the venue music

After finishing my work, I also assisted the sound engineer in the main theatre venue to build the infield system. Finally, with our cooperation, the sound part of the performance was presented very well. I have also adapted well to the working environment with a professional production team in the United States.




Tent Mixing Area
Dinner Party
Main Theatre Venue Construction
DJ Platform Installation
Exhibition Tent
Toyota North America Headquarters Stone
Dinner Party Mixing

For viewing more information about the production please download the pdf files. The copyright of paperworks belongs to Centerstage Production, the files displayed here are just for viewing, please don't copy or print.

Crew Resume & Event Schedule

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