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About Huhao Yang (杨浒灏)


Huhao Yang is a sound designer, engineer and composer who comes from China and is currently pursuing Master of Fine Arts degree for Sound Design in the Department of Theatre at Purdue University. He has done extensive work in the field of sound production. During his undergraduate period in China, he participated in professional audio productions with various units including the China Central Television and Zhejiang Radio and TV Group. He also received the 5th Sound Academy Award from the China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers for his film sound works. After coming to the United States, Huhao is actively involved in various theatre and live productions while chasing his MFA degree In Purdue Theatre, he has served as sound designer and engineer for many theatre shows in his university, and also actively participated in off-campus internships. He followed Chicago-based production company Centerstage and participate in many large corporate conference productions such as Toyota, Wyndham. As a young sound designer, Huhao's motto is to embrace infinite possibilities, he has the enthusiasm to devote himself to the sound field he loves, and contribute his strength to more wonderful shows. He hopes to further improve himself at Purdue Theatre, and become an outstanding sound artist and sound engineer in the future.


Education Experience


Communication University of Zhejiang, China

Undergraduate Student at College of Television Art 

Bachelor of Art in Recording Art

GPA: 3.89


University of California, Riverside

Visiting Student at Department of Theatre, Film, Digital Production

Credit Program

GPA: 4.0 (A)


Purdue University, West Lafayette

Graduate Student in Department of Theatre

Teaching Assistant/Sound Studio Manager

Master of Fine Arts in Sound Design

GPA: 4.0

Knowledge and skills

Live Sound Area:

Theatre Sound Design (Composition, Sound Effects Design)

Digital Sound System Design & Drafting

Sound Engineering

TV & Radio Broadcasting Audio Production Techniques

The Electricity Basis and Digital Circuit for Audio

Film Sound Area:

Recording Techniques (Location Sound Recording, ADR)

Post Production (Sound Editing, Foley, Mixing)

Film Scoring

Audiovisual Language

Music Area:

Composing and Music Arrangement

Playing Piano & Trumpet

Studio Production Techniques (Recording, Editing, Mixing)

MIDI Music Production

Theory of Music


2023 United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) Robert E. Cohen Sound Achievement Award Recipient

5th Sound Academy Awards for Film and Documentary, Provided by China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

Third Prize in the original music creation group of 11th China Collegiate Computing Design Competition

2020 Outstanding university graduates of Zhejiang Province

2021-2022 Season Purdue Theatre APO Best Sound Design Award for Men on Boats


Purdue University Teaching Assistantship

2017 Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship for University Students

2018 Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship for University Students

First-tier scholarships for five semesters provided by Communication University of Zhejiang

Scholarship for studying abroad provided by Communication University of Zhejiang

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