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This Land Was Made

by Tori Sampson

Vineyard Theatre Production
Directed by Taylor Reynolds
Scenic Design by Wilson Chin
Costume Design by Dominique Fawn Hill & Deshon Elem
Lightning Design by Adam Honoré
Sound Design by Fan Zhang
Movement Direction by: Adesola Osakalumi
Opening Night: June 4, 2023

My Position: Associate Sound Designer


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Tori Sampson's new play This Land Was Made focuses on the real historical events in 1967's Oakland. The Black Panther Party, a murder mystery, the radical marches and protests. 1967 in Oakland is a powder keg of social activism ready to boil over into action. For the patrons of Miss Trish’s bar, it’s all just talking points — until the explosive and seductive force of the revolution walks through the door. History and imagination collide with vibrant humor and echo into our present moment in this stirring new play.

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Sound System Design & Documentation

by Huhao Yang

Sound Ground Plot

Sound Section View

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DSP Routing & IO Schedule

 For viewing more specific documentation please download the pdf files below

TLWM Sound Bid List

TLWM Sound Board Programming

Meyer Mapp System Prediction

Photo Archive

Stage Set
Tech Rehearsal
System Calibration
Voice Over Editing
Opening Night
Production Meeting

Sound Team

Sound Designer:

Fan Zhang

Associate Sound Designer:

Huhao Yang

Production Sound Engineer:

Harper Williams

Sound Board Operator-A1:

DeVaughn Shepherd

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