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China Central Television (CCTV)

Spring Festival Gala

The most watched TV program in China, worldwide broadcasting, over 1.2 billion viewers would watch this show on every Chinese new year's eve for celebrating the Spring Festival and New Lunar Year


This is the new year's gala in China. And it's also the TV program with the highest viewing rate every year. As a member of the audio group, I participated in the broadcasting of 2019&2020 Spring Festival Gala.

During the period of rehearsal and preparation for more than one month, I assisted my colleagues to complete the construction of live sound reinforcement system in CCTV's No.1 Broadcasting Studio.


And during the joint rehearsal and formal performance, I was responsible for checking and set wireless microphones for the actors. Every time, I need to carefully check the frequencies assignment and gain of the lav mics and put it on the most suitable position of the actors. As a performance watched by more than 30 percent of the population in China, there can't be any mistake in broadcasting. 


The four-and-a-half-hour gala program includes

singing, dancing, drama, magic and other forms of performance.

There are many kinds of microphones used.

To achieve good pickup effect, the cooperation of the entire audio team is extremely important.

There are also many technical problems in audio amplifying and broadcasting.

In some spare time, I often ask the teachers of CCTV for advice on the skills I haven't learned in school.

I also had a further understanding of the broadcast security of large-scale live programs.

This work has made me gain a lot.

On Chinese New Year's Eve in 2019 and 2020, as the day of family reunion,

I was not with my family.

But I made a little effort for the Spring Festival Gala, bringing the happiness of Spring Festival to more families in China. This is the most meaningful work I have ever done.


2019 Sing! China!

Zhejiang Radio&TV Group

Audio Department

My position: Assistant Audio Engineer


In the summer vacation of 2019, I joined the audio department of Zhejiang Radio and Television Group as an official intern and participated in the program production of the group.


“Sing! China!” is similar to “The Voice” program in the United States. It is the most famous music talent show in China. I participated in the program recording as a member of the broadcast recording audio group.


As a formal intern, the audio Department trained me to record and pre mix the backup sound materials. I learned how to use Digico SD7 mixer, which is a professional level console. Under the guidance of my teacher, I have made detailed channel setting and grouping for up to 102 tracks of sound materials. I input the dry sound of all channels to one workstation, and complete the pre mixing on the platform, and input the pre mixed material to another workstation. I also followed the teacher to learn the complex mixing technology for large-scale bands, and learned the effectors on SD7 one by one.

2018&2019 Keep Running

Zhejiang Radio&TV Group

Audio Department

My Position: Recording Engineer


Keep Running is a reality TV show created by Zhejiang satellite TV, a subsidiary of Zhejiang Radio and Television Group.

This program is similar to Running man in South Korea. Our team went to cities all over China to shoot artists playing games and challenges with different themes. This program is very famous in China. I participated in the second and third season of program recording as an audio group intern. I'm in  the PA team to complete the recording of actor dialogue.


The above are examples of the professional work that I participated in at the undergraduate level. After the new stage of coming to the United States, I am also looking for new opportunities. My love and pursuit of my sound career is Continuing.

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