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2019 Sing! China

Zhejiang Radio & TV Group

Jiaxing, China

Popular music TV show in China produced by ZRTG, nationwide broadcasting. Similar to NBC's "The Voice" TV program in United States. Singers would do competitive singing performances guided by famous music mentors

My position: Asst. Sound Engineer &

Pre mixing Engineer


In the summer vacation of 2019, I joined the audio department of Zhejiang Radio and Television Group as an official intern and participated in part of this production to serve as an assistant sound engineer and pre-mixing engineer.


“Sing! China” is similar to “The Voice” program in the United States. It is the most famous music talent show in China. As a large-scale music TV program, its live sound and broadcast sound quality standards are pretty high. And I am responsible for the OB recording and pre mixing of the broadcast part and need to record and produce the 5.1 surround version of the multi-track project for reference in later's post production stage, which gave me a lot of challenges.


As a formal intern, the audio Department trained me in many aspects. I learned how to use Digico SD7 console for mixing, how to set surround project, how to monitor the signal levels of the large band, etc. Under the guidance of other staff, I have made detailed channel setting and grouping for up to 102 tracks of sound materials. This is the first time for me to deal with such a huge project, but I really got a lot of exercise in the process.

Sing! China also used L-Acoustics' L-ISA Immersive sound system composed of multiple sets of line arrays with simulation algorithms for the live  reinforcement part. This is also the first time that this system has been used in a live TV program in China. And the system makes the sound phase and loudness level for all positions in the audience area of the venue close to equal.It also greatly improves the quality of multi-track recording. Under the huge sound pressure level on stage, the signals received by the microphones are still relatively clean and the cross noises between different tracks are well suppressed.

This system left a very deep impression on me, and it also allowed me to see that the recorded multi-track signals can also maintain a high quality under the sound reinforcement that ensures a full sense of live dynamics. This period of internship and production experience allowed me to see the top level of sound engineering technology, and also made me realize that the development of live audio technology is endless. I am very happy that I have contributed to such a show.



Sing! China Audio Team
Console Channel Assignment
Broadcasting Audio Team
Pre mixing on Digico SD7
Speaker Arrays
Sing! China Mainstage
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2019 Sing! China

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