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Plante Moran Annual Conference 

Detroit, United States

Plante Moran Company's 2022 annual conference at downtown Detroit, engage its employees at U.S. and abroad through online live broadcast. The production is provided by Centerstage

My position: Sound Engineer &

Broadcasting Mixer


Plante Moran is one of the largest accounting and business advisory company in United States. In the summer of 2022, during my internship at Centerstage, I was sent to Detroit to build a live broadcast sound system and doing the stream mixing for their company's annual conference.

This event is fully streamed online, but I still need to set up speakers on site for the company's personnel to communicate with online participants. At the same time, I need to mix a set of stereo signals and send them back to the studio in the company base in Chicago for live broadcast on the network. 

I designed multiple groups of audio feeds to provide PGM signals for the director, on-site monitoring, and recording. And according to the cues from the producer, I carefully mixed the microphone signals and various inserted video sound signals, and finally completed this live broadcast event without mistakes.




Broadcast Venue
Tech Rehearsal
Preparation before live broadcast
Second Camera Spot
Reference Video LInk:
Plante Moran - Unstoppable Conference

For viewing more information about the production please download the pdf files. The copyright of paperworks belongs to Centerstage Production, the files displayed here are just for viewing, please don't copy or print.

Broadcast Venue Layout

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