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Purdue NCAA Basketball Games 

West Lafayette, United States

Purdue has a strong basketball team in NCAA Division I. The atmosphere of the basketball games held at the University’s Mackey Arena is very hot. Tens of thousands of students will come to watch every game at the arena. In my spare time, I also participated in several basketball game productions undertaken by Purdue's Hall of Music Department

My position: Audio for Video Post Mixing


During the work, my main task is to receive several point microphones' signals arranged on the field to pick up various basketball sound effects, footstep sounds, audience reactions, as well as live music and host's voice, and mix all the sounds together into a set of stereo signal for video recording and post production. At the same time, the sound signals of part of the videos received by the live large screen also needs to be distributed from my mixer to the FOH console.

This is a relatively simple job, and the ultimate goal is to control the ratio of the microphones at each point to ensure that we can pickup the clearest sounds of players from each position when they are switching between the two sides in

the court.

This job gave me experience in the sound pickup and broadcasting of sports events, and also exercised my communication skills with the production team. Being able to participate in such a large-scale performance project in University has benefited me a lot.




Mackey Arena OB Room
Mackey Arena Audio Control Room
Mackey FOH Area
Court Side
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Purdue Basketball Game
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