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2018 & 2019 Keep Running

Zhejiang Radio & TV Group

Multiple Cities, China

Popular outdoor reality TV show in China produced by ZRTG. A team composed of famous MCs travels all over the country to experience different cultures and customs in different cities, Each episode of the program will have a unique theme, and the MCs will play some games corresponding to the themes

My position: Asst. Sound Engineer &

Recording Engineer


“Keep Running” is similar to the famous TV Show “Running Man” in South Korea. The show has multiple episodes, the MCs and guests would travel to a lot of cities in China, to complete missions at different location according to the episodes' themes, most of the missions are some outdoor fun games. And during this process the MCs would also promote the culture and characteristic beauty of each city.

This TV show is the production I participated in the most during my undergraduate period using extracurricular time. As a long-term part time intern of ZRTG, I followed the production team to many cities in China, including Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Foshan, Macau, Taiyuan, Datong, etc., and mainly work as the asst. sound engineer and location sound recording engineer. During this process, our team needs to build recording system according to various outdoor scenes, at the same time try to be as convenient as possible to move. Our equipments are mainly composed of several multi-track recorders, mixers, wireless racks and antennas, etc.


The biggest challenge in the sound production of this kind of outdoor reality show is the uncontrollability of the gaming environments. Sometimes games are often played in pools, quagmire and other extremely harsh environments for microphones. That's why it's so important to carefully design the pickup methods and make sure the team are ready for the unexpected in-game conditions every time.


As a recording group, we often designed to set up directional microphones in some ideal positions, and put at least two sets of waterproof lav mics on the actors, and in addition to the main wireless rack near the console, we also installed compact wireless packs on each follow-up camera. Only with multiple guarantees can we ensure that at least one track of the clean sound material  can be obtained in each scene.

During the many times I participated in the recording work of this show, I have mastered countless outdoor recording experiences, and also greatly improved my speed of building small-scale sound systems and the ability to transfer my recording equipment in various scenes. This has played a vital role in improving my ability to deal with various special situations in the location recording process.

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2019 Keep Running Episodes



Marvel Theme Gaming Venue
Special Custom for Staff
Lav Mic for Producer
Instruments Mic Set
Recording Equipment Racks
Recorder & Wireless Receiver
Compact Recording Set
Traveling Map
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